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Our Services

NY Dozor Kennel provides its clients a full range of services on maintenance, training and caring for your Black Russian Terrier


Boarding and Play & Stay

At Best Friends, being board is fun.


Play and Stay offers top-notch care for your pet and peace of mind for you. Your pet will enjoy crate-free boarding as well as plenty of playtimes, either with other dogs or individual attention. Pets benefit from the perfect balance of care and exercise while staying in first-class accommodations that include lambs wool bedding, daily cleaning and customized activities.

We know all pets are different; therefore boarding only options are available for those pets that prefer to relax. It’s up to you to choose how much play time your pet will have. You can also provide your pet’s favorite food, or we provide our own premium kibble.

There is no need to worry while you’re away. You can relax knowing that every day you will receive an emailed photo of your pet enjoying its stay, and when you return, we will provide a full report on how your pet did while you were away.

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Dog Training

In addition to dog training, we also help owners learn how to control their dogs thanks to proven training methods developed by years of hands-on experience. We are adept at helping people understand and communicate more efficiently with their dogs with a focus on animal psychology and making owners better leaders for their dogs.

Families are encouraged to participate together in order to keep training consistent. Even the youngest members of the family are able to be involved.
We are always available to offer continual support, advice and answers to any questions you may have regarding the training, even after the course is complete. We also respond promptly to any situation that may arise that requires immediate attention.

We offer a variety of training services and training programs for all breeds, including; private and group obedience training, personal/family protection training services and agility training. We also offer customized training programs designed to fit your needs.

Obedience Training


We train dogs to behave in situations they will encounter by setting up common distractions they will encounter each day, including how to socialize with other dogs. We also coach owners in positive reinforcement techniques and also how to correct and reward your dog. We offer personalized programs so be sure to let us know what specific issues you would like to work on. We are experienced in working with all behavioral issues, including inappropriate aggression or extreme shyness. While we usually train dogs to follow verbal commands in English, we are able to train in any language. We also train dogs to understand hand signals.

Training Methods

Our training methods are customized to each individual dog and client. It is best to begin training at a young age using a reward system in order to keep training a positive experience. While discipline and correction are necessary, it is easier when a puppy is trained from the beginning with positive reinforcement.

Even older dogs with a history of aggressive behavior can be trained. When a dog exhibits a negative behavior, they’re corrected immediately with a negative discipline equal to that of their action. This teaches the dog that negative behavior is not acceptable, and the behavior changes to a positive, and then the dog is rewarded. We can train even the most aggressive dogs.

Private Obedience Lessons

 5 SESSION PROGRAM: On-leash obedience, Basics of off-leash obedience, Dog socialization, Solving of problem behaviors, Questions and Answers. All training equipment included. Price: $625.

In order for training to be successful, the owner must be 100% willing to commit to daily participation to the weeklong program. By the end of the 5th session, most dogs are completing all exercises off the leash, and this is possible only through the owner’s hard work and commitment. If the owner doesn’t have the time or patience to work with their dog, the the Boarding and Training program may be a better option.

Boarding & Obedience Training

4 WEEK PROGRAM: On-leash obedience, basic off-leash obedience, dog socialization, all problem behaviors. All training equipment included. Price: $2,500.

6 WEEK PROGRAM: This is a total immersion program where the dog stays at the trainer’s home for two weeks of intensive training in a real-life family situation to learn proper interaction skills. All training equipment included. Price: $3,500.

  • For the boarding and training programs, there is a $200 additional charge for dogs displaying inappropriate aggression issues.


Group Obedience Maintenance Class

Group maintenance training classes are available for graduates of the other training programs in order to maintain what has already been learned and improve the owner’s handling of the dog under heavy distraction.

Customized Training Programs

Because every dog, owner and situation is different, our program is customized to suit each individual case. First, we learn your training goals and evaluate your dog’s issues. We then offer a combination of services to address those issues, including boarding and training, group and private lessons and home based training sessions.

Protection Training

We can train dogs to provide excellent protection. This is a very serious training where dogs are trained to alert, bit and release on command using a full body suit. Dogs are trained not to back down by a stick or other means when “alerted”, and are also introduced to gunfire and other distractions during this training.


In order to participate in Protection Training, dogs must be properly socialized and have passed through previous obedience training. They must also be evaluated to see if they are good candidates. We can train dogs to provide family protection or business security protection, depending on your needs.

Training Programs

ON-LEASH: Includes all obedience exercises & alert on command, bite on command, release on command, owner protection, gunfire exposure, and vehicle protection.

OFF-LEASH: Includes all obedience exercises & protection exercises (mentioned above), but off of the leash. Includes distance bite work on a full-body suit.

PRIVATE OBEDIENCE & PROTECTION TRAINING: Training sessions are usually once or twice per week at our facility. The owner transports their dog to and from the lessons. Most dogs complete program in 3-6 months.

BOARDING OBEDIENCE & PROTECTION TRAINING: Dogs are boarded and trained at our K9 until they are trained to the level specified by our clients. Training usually takes 2-4 months, depending on the maturity level of the dog and the level of training.

  • Prices for protection training are quoted on a per dog basis, depending on the level of training desired and the individual dog.


We’re Grooming Your Pet for Sweet-Smelling Success

We offer a broad selection of grooming service to keep your pet looking and feeling its best!

  • Shampoo Package (Where every Best Friends grooming experience starts!)
  • Hypoallergenic Shampoo
  • Brushing & Combing
  • Conditioners
  • Safe Drying
  • Nail Check & Trim
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Pad & Foot Trim
  • Sanitary Trim of Rear & Underside
  • Cologne
  • Haircut Package (Includes everything in the Shampoo Package… plus!)
  • Haircut/ Hair Clipping & Styling to Your Preference
  • Additional Services…


Ask about our Enhanced Service Options, and about SHEDICURE™, the shedding control system that reduces shedding up to 80%!

First, we give your pet a standard shampoo and brushing to get rid of loose hair and tangles using a special tool and technique to remove more hair than a normal brush. While it is not possible to stop shedding completely, the SHEDICURE Hair Control System can reduce shedding up to 80% with obvious results after only a few days.

“Go Home Fresh!” for Overnight Guests

We offer a free consultation with an expert at every visit so you can discuss your pet’s grooming needs. Our professional groomers are friendly and talented, with a focus on the health and happiness of your pet!

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