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About us

Dear owners of NY DOZOR’s Black Russian terriers,

We are happy to have you as a part of our friendly club! We are available to assist you anytime in raising, training and taking care of your beloved black pets.

Please give us a call and send an e-mail to ask any questions. Better yet come for a visit!

The black terrier will get bored without training. We are perfectly sure of that! This dog is born to serve its owner, and if not given a chance to assert itself it will be deprived of a huge part of activity that could bring joy to both itself and its owner. The owners, in their turn, will be able to understand their dogs much better if they get engaged in training them obedience. Today there is a vast number of dog sports (types of training) that will suit virtually any wish and taste. These include canine freestyle dance, flyball, agility and obedience to triathlon (IPO). You can always find an activity to your taste and your black friend will be delighted to join in.

To make it easier for you to select a type of training for your dog we give below a list of sport activities that you can enjoy together, and with time it will definitely be extended. We specialize in such competitions and training courses as Obedience, Agility, Bikejoring and Skijoring.


Obedience is a basic training technique that apart from training obedience to a dog allows creating an optimal human-dog tandem based on their complete mutual understanding. Thanks to Obedience, a dog is trained to interact with a man and to work with him. Using this method you can teach your dog to follow your commands and even react at them from a distance. Apart from training Obedience we hold competitions that can test how well the dogs have mastered its standards.


This sport is for the winter season. Here the dog and the sportsperson are supposed to cover a set distance being connected by a special tow. This is a racing competition, and it won’t be appealing to just any dog but to those that have passion for running in their blood. This sport requires hard training and a lot of practice. Its summer version is bikejoring, or dry-land, which is also used for year-round training of sled dogs for winter contests. As the name implies, here the dog’s owner rides a bike. All the rest works in the same way as in skijoring. This kind of competition can be attended by dogs of very different breeds and by outbreds. The best result is normally shown by Dobermans, Boxers, Giant Schnauzers and Alsatians.


This is in fact another type of racing, very exciting and so captivating that it quickly conquered almost entire Europe, South America, the US and Canada.


It is also gaining popularity in Russia, despite of the fact that it has just stepped into in the country. For dog lovers this is both an opportunity to practice an activity that is healthy for them and their pets and a hobby that helps learn about dog training. In Agility a dog has to go through an obstacle course and its owner manages the process. As the purpose of the activity is to train the pet in passing a complex racing course, it is a great way of assessing the capabilities and the agility of a dog. Agility helps adapt a dog to society and breed it, and it definitely has a positive effect on its physical condition. The activity can be practiced by diverse dog breeds including outbreds. There are no limits to the size of dogs either, as the obstacle line is set for every participant individually.